What a mess…

I guess it’s safe to say I miserably failed the blog challenge.
I had such high hopes for myself and all the excuses for my failure are running through my head right now. But in the end I wasn’t able to do it because I did not make time for it. I didn’t want it bad enough.

I could have easily logged on and blogged, but life took over and I was too exhausted by the end of the day to do it. Sigh! I a few days/weeks I’ll probably be too exhausted to do anything extra like blog, read, or relax. But I’m so ready for it!


Besides FAILING for the blog challenge, what I have been exceeding at is my new life perspective 🙂
A few weeks ago, I wanted to change my mind.
I wanted to change the way I view situations.
I wanted to allow more positivity into my life and be able to exude the same if not MORE.
So I put it into my head and started….

It really starts off small, like saying less negative things in conversation. Then I applied it to my home life. If something has been bothering me about the way my house looks or maybe a mess that has been walked over – instead of complaining that Ryan or Shawn never help out – I’ll just go over and do it myself. There is no use grumbling about the lack of someone else’s effort and still have something like a mess ruining your vibe. I’ll ask Ryan to help too, but I feel like him SEEING me take action on something that bothers me will influence him to do the same.

At work I applied it almost instantly. I honestly cannot stand when people start off their mornings GRUMBLING or swearing about the day or days to come. It used to irritate me and I would never show it, but on the inside I’m screaming. Instead of letting their negative conversation affect my mind, I’ve learned to tune it out and fill my head with positive thoughts on the day instead.
They can ruin their day on their own, but only I have control of how my day goes.
At work, this positivity change has helped immensely. I don’t have a hard labor job. I have an office job and I deal with our community quite often. For the most part Kauai is filled with wonderful people. But working in finance really brings out the WORST in people. Money – root of all evil. Enough said. It’s stressful and I had my encounters these past few weeks. At the end of it all I learned LESSONS. I love learning this way. Now I know better and know how to handle a similar situation next time it arrises.

I hate to say that most of my mind changes revolve around work, but it has.
I’ve been contemplating getting a second job for quite a while now.
A few reasons:
1. My weekends are usually spent just lounging around
2. I’m in debt…in deep debt….
3. I’m usually scraping paycheck to paycheck.
4. I wanted to do more with my time.
5. I want to challenge myself.
6. I want to see how much I can handle
Just like the mind change, I put my desire into my mind and I went to work at it. I applied, I kept a positive outlook. I thought about already having it. I got a call for an interview for a weekend job as a hostess for a restaurant at a hotel! Ohhhh me and interviews, that just doesn’t mix. I absolutely SUCK at them. I’m sure everyone thinks that about themselves, but me..I’m awkward, I stumble, I mumble….But I applied a weightlifting lesson to this aspect, which is to not dwell on what could go wrong in chances of psyching myself out, but to just do. So I didn’t think about what could go wrong in my interview and just went to do it. I still can’t say it was the best interview, but I was not as nervous and I got called in for another one. The second interview is now complete and I was just recently called to meet with their HR department. Which is a good sign (according to my sister, who already works for this company – she actually thinks I got the job already). We will see where this road takes me! If you know me and my work ethic. I always try to do my best and MASTER my work. This is a simple job, but I want to be good at it. I want to get along with my coworkers and I want to make the managers glad they hired me.

Ryan starts school on Monday and I start school later this month.
I’m on track for my orthodontic work and if nothing else comes up, I should be a brace face before my 26th birthday!

So many changes going on in life and I am so excited.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my life and getting to catch up.

If you read about my kombucha addiction….it’s still thriving and I am actually working on my first brew! I will get into more about it later.


Til next post.


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