Kid at heart

Day 9 – A photo of the item you last purchased.

Ok…I (a grown woman) still love Lunchables. When I found out they made pepperoni and mozzarella ones I almost about died.

These were $0.99 each today. You don’t know how stoked I was. STEAL!!! I got 3 of the pepperoni ones and two of the turkey. Yikes. Can my life get any more exciting!? *sarcasm is thick here.

I am trying to clean up my diet a little bit, so don’t know how I’ll incorporate these into my diet, but I really couldn’t pass these up! I realized upon taking this picture that the pepperoni ones DON’T come with a little sweet treat. Haha, how lame!

That concludes the topic for today.
But since we are talking about diet, I kinda want to talk about my current addiction. That is Kauai Juice Company! Not necessarily the juices they sell (which are cold pressed, organic juices), but their KOMBUCHA!!! I’m seriously IN LOVE with them. I’ve tried kombucha in the past and never really took a liking to it right away, but upon trying the Ginger Berry flavor that Kauai Juice Co sells – I was HOOKED. I’ve consumed probably gallons of kombucha since then and for the past week, I want to say I didn’t go ONE day without having one. They’re that good! I don’t feel guilty for drinking them either. Well, except for the fact that they are pretty pricey. Besides their kombucha, I’ve been in love with another drink of theirs called the Island Protein. 27 grams of plant protein in one bottle. Chia seeds. Cashew milk. Vanilla. Pau!!!! This fills me up. I’ve drank it as a meal replacement and it does great. A bottle of this bad boy though…$11!!! I know, I know…I’m flipping crazy. They do knock off some dollars if you bring your bottles back in though, so that’s where I try to validate my addiction with saving money. Boy, I’m hooked. I’m currently figuring how much cash I have in my wallet to see how many bottles of goodies I can get tomorrow morning before work.

I’ll talk about my kombucha addiction more in posts to come. I’m actually going to get into brewing my own! Stay tuned!

Til next post.


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