Day 5 – How important you think education is?

How important? Like on a scale of 1-10? Of course a 10. Education…knowledge…is damn important! But let me ask…what is your definition of education?

My whole life I was pretty good in school and I didn’t have to be pushed by my parents. I genuinely liked learning and getting good grades (I didn’t like going to school in particular). I enjoyed the feeling of understanding what was being taught, helping others understand it, and the reaction of my parents and family when I did get good grades or positive remarks from teachers. Learning just seemed to be my thing.

My mom was more of the “parent”. My dad wasn’t too involved in my school life. Heck, my mom really wasn’t either, so I can honestly say that my interest in school and learning weren’t fueled by them necessarily.  I just took a genuine interest to it. I applied it to my hopes for the future. I dreamed of getting into a good college and getting a degree that would land me a great paying career that I enjoyed.

Throughout high school I enjoyed English, poetry, BLOGGING. I saw myself as a writer, maybe a medical writer, because I wanted my writing to be useful and I had a small interest in the medical field. But mostly writing. I knew writing required decent intelligence. You had to be smart. Know what you’re talking about and put into understandable words separated by appropriate punctuation.

Sorry, getting a little off subject…I just knew, in my younger years, that education would be the stepping stone to a greater future for myself and I valued it and saw its importance. But during those years thats the only way I saw education. SCHOOL. These days education just means learning something. Not books, homework, and exams. Education to me in my mid-20’s is learning a new skill. Something you never learned before. Learning about a different religion or a lifestyle. Filling your life with NEW information. And that I feel is essential to grow in life. You can’t stay stuck on YOUR WAY of thinking. Your mind as well as your opinions need a chance to grow and learn new ways, new methods, new strategies that can benefit your life.

So, to put it simply…education is not only a 10 on the “importance scale” but it is essential to success in LIFE. No matter what success means to you (money, family, lifestyle). We all need to develop our minds somehow to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.



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