Wedding bells

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

This may be surprising to you.
But I DON’T want a big extravagant wedding.

I would want a small wedding, simple, elegant, with my family and friends.
A big reason is-sadly…I don’t have very many friends.
I have a sort of large family, but to be honest…I am not close with a lot of them.

I actually wouldn’t even mind getting married in a courthouse or a drive-thru marriage in Vegas. I don’t feel like I have to prove to anyone the extent of my love for my husband and vice versa through the event and ceremony of our marriage. I believe that if I am ever ready to be married, it will be a special time in both our lives that I do not want to ruin with the stresses of planning a huge event.

Another big reason why I wouldn’t want it to be some big kind of ordeal is because my family is all about that I CANNOT stand it. They’re all about showing off and being extra. Sorry Fam, but that is why I am currently taking a Facebook hiatus.

Another reason…I would rather spend the money on a HONEY MOON!! Doesn’t that just make perfect sense? Why spend thousands of dollars on ONE DAY? Or ONE DRESS that you will never wear again! I would rather have a small wedding that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and use that money to travel! Go to a different country and have the time of my life with my new husband. I don’t see how this just doesn’t make sense to everyone. I mean if you have the money to blow, WHY THE HELL NOT do both!? But I just don’t and I just see the money being useful elsewhere. My dream wedding would consist of getting married in a small, sweet, ceremony by the beach. A small ceremony to celebrate with my family and friends, then off we go for a MONTH long honey moon. Maybe to Japan or Paris…heck, AUSTRALIA! Just somewhere ELSE. Just experiencing a whole new part of the world with the person you vowed to be with forever would be so unreal.

I’m looking forward to this day. Not sure when it will come, but…I want to make it special.


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